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Energy cooperative canton of Remich
Request for membership

Does the cooperative pay taxes?

The cooperative is taxed on the profit it makes.

What happens with the profits?

The co-owners of the cooperative determine together what will happen with the profit at the General Assembly.

However, a legal reserve must be established

(+- 10%)

Can I buy specific modules?

No, in a cooperative one is equally involved in every project.

Who is eligible to become a member?

According to the statutes: priority is given to citizens from the canton of Remich, because roofs are provided by the municipalities from our canton.

Purchase of shares - how can I buy shares?

Shares can be requested via the cooperatives website. The CA processes the request and then gives its approval or not if no investments are currently planned.

Tax benefits?

Each member of the cooperative has a tax bonus of up to €1,500 on the dividends paid out (not on the investment).

Can photovoltaic panels be set up in nature?

Yes - but you need a permission

( eg: Agri-PV )

Is the power line fit for the performance of the installation?

Before starting the installation Creos checks the power line and gives his agreement.

Projects for wind power?

Currently not, but in the future not excluded.

Regional installers?

We will try. However, there are not that many installers in the country and we have to take those who has the capacities and where the price is interesting.

Projects for hydropower?

Not currently, but not excluded in the future.

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