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About us

On November 7, 2022, a group of dedicated citizens from the canton of Réimech founded a cooperative under the name "Energiekooperativ Kanton Remich".


This cooperative, consists of 8 representatives from the municipalities of Bous, Stadtbredimus, Remich, Mondorf-les-bains, Dalheim, Waldbredimus, Lenningen and Schengen. The canton of Remich has a total area of 127.87 km2 and has around 23700 inhabitants (status 01/2022).



The Board of Directors of the Energy Cooperative Canton of Remich

From left to right:


Daniel Schmit for the Municipality of Bous (Secretary)
Sven Flammang for the Municipality of
Mondorf-les-bains (Internet Portal)
Bruno Renders for the Municipality of
Lenningen (Vice-President)
Mike Molling for the Municipality of
Waldbredimus (President)
Mayke Lentz for the Municipality of
Stadtbredimus (Newsletters)
Luc Mangen for the municipality of
Dalheim (Calculations)
Gérard Willems for the Municipality of Schengen (Tresorery)
Jempy Schengen for the municipality of
Remich (Installation inspection)


Producing solar power on your own roof was until now a privilege for the owners of a house. A fact that can change thanks to the newly founded energy cooperative in the canton of Remich.

Now, all residents of the canton of Remich can make their contribution to the success of the energy transition by participating in a joint photovoltaic installation.

The sun provides an infinite amount of energy which is also available to us for free, unlimited and environmentally friendly. Through photovoltaics, it is converted into clean electrical «green electricity».

The objectives of the cooperative are:

  • The implementation and development of projects related to the production of renewable energy with the participation of citizens;

  • The production, purchase and sale of renewable energy;

  • The promotion of a rational and responsible handling of energy among its members and among all citizens;

  • The advice of the members in their choice of energy, connected with the implementation of individual solutions of production and consumption of renewable energy;

  • The support in the management of the consumption, the reduction of the energy costs and the improvement of the ecological footprint;

  • The motivation of the discussion about energy, which can lead to a sustainable energy policy, which in turn leads to a more collective social life.

The projects will be realized as a matter of priority in the area of the canton of Remich.  

"The Energy Cooperative Canton of Remich" with its activities also helps to achieve national goals in terms of energy and climate policy. Luxembourg is pursuing the goal of increasing the share of renewable energy from 11% in 2020 to 25% by 2030. In 2014, the proportion was only 4.5%.

Investment should be made in the production of renewable energies such as solar, wind and/or hydropower and biomass, but also in the field of energy efficiency.

Through an inventory of the municipal roof surfaces in the individual municipalities, a number of roofs of municipal buildings where a photovoltaic system can be installed have already been found.

The financing of these plants should be achieved as a matter of priority through the citizens of the canton of Remich, in which they will buy shares of €100 each. As a result, they also become members of the cooperative, can discuss and decide, and thus make their personal contribution to climate protection.

This is an initiative launched by LEADER Miselerland as part of its "Renewable Energies in Miselerland" project which was financed by the 14 municipalities of the Miselerland region, the Ministry of Agriculture and Viticulture & rural development and by the European Union.

Here you can download our Statutes. (in french only)


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